Cultural Community Statement Accenture: What does a culture of equality really look like?

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A successful organizational culture brings together the people of your organization and keeps them aligned. When your culture is clear, different perspectives can gather behind it with common purpose. The culture at your organization sets expectations for how people behave and work together, and how well they function as a community.

In this way, culture can break down the boundaries between silos, guide decision-making, and improve workflow overall. On the flip side, a toxic organizational culture has the capacity to do just the opposite.  source   The culture is how we operate together. 




Questions to start:

  • Discuss what a communities culture is.  How is it like a company or team’ culture?
  • What are the negatives of a community culture? 
What are the elements of a team culture statement?  Discuss ours? 


The culture is how we operate together

·        What are our values as a community?  Examples of potential values

·        How do we deal with other people?

·        Do we have norms that we operate with?

·        Are there rituals that we follow?

·        What are our beliefs?




Process: Create a table of your items to create your cultural statement

What is cultural literacy? | Western Sydney University





Interpersonal skills 

 Body language, Smiling, Greetings, Helpfulness, Caring, Positive attitude, The Platinum Rule( Bose corp.) 

Norms  Guide acceptable behavior

What fun and innovative ways can we make the community better, Good collaboration,  Think critical & creatively, Self-regulation support


What actions or events do we want to do to learn, honor our team member, etc. What's on my mind intro.

Beliefs Something that is accepted

Learn from Failure” and “Make Others Successful,  Focus on the customer and all else will follow,  Do your best, Continuous improvement, Life-long-learner


Trust, Honesty, Listening, Empathy, Curiosity, Kindness, Flexibility, Respect, Independence,  Collaboration,

Sports/Music  Analogy

In a good team the players work together ( no stars) and care about each other and want all to be successful.  They Achieve their beliefs, Their outcomes. 

 Jazz experience


Major team elements Trust: Psychological safety that enables interpersonal risk taking and confidence that the team will not embarrass or punish someone for speaking up

Constructive conflict: Comfort with and encouragement of diverse perspectives and productive disagreement as necessary ingredients to innovation and good decisions

Collaboration: Active listening, building on and connecting the ideas of others to solve each other’s problems

Accountability: Commitment to team processes, the decisions of the team, and holding each other accountable for expected performance




Example of a  Cultural Statement


Comes from the results of the table above   


  • 1.  We want to be a learning organization to promotes individual & community growth.

  • 2.  We honor our community people by making them successful.

  • 3.  We listen with understanding and curiosity of what others say.

  • 4.  We trust, are flexible in our outlook, honest and provide loving kindness to others that we meet.

  • 5.  We focus on our customer and understand their needs.

  • 6.  We look to make the world and other communities better.

  • 7.  We are innovative and use creative and critical thinking processes.

  • 8.  We organize our processes and look to help others.

  •  e use questions to begin dialogue.

  •     Follow our ground rules