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March 2020


 Process isn’t bureaucracy: it is clarity.  The absence of process isn’t freedom; it is anarchy.  It’s not a hard choice to make

Process is defined as “ an organized group of related activities that together create a results of value to customers.

The Agenda by Michael Hammer

Faster Cheaper, Better  by Lida Hershman & Mike Hammer


Who is your teacher?




Obsess about your processes. Customers care only about re­sults, and results come only from end-to-end processes. Manage them, improve them, appoint owners for them, and make everyone aware of them. It’s the only way to achieve the performance that customers demand.

·     Obsess about the end-to-end processes that create all value for your customers.

·     Ensure that every person understands processes and his or her role in them.

·     Appoint senior process owners to measure, manage, and improve the processes.

·     Create a process-friendly company by aligning facilities, compen­sation, and structure around processes.

·     Develop a culture of teamwork and shared responsibility.

·     Set up a process council so that you don’t replace functional silos with process sewers.

·     Manage in process terms everything you do to make your company better.

·     Make process into a way of life.

New way of thinking

·                    Processes focus on outcome

·                    Processes are customer-focused

·                    Processes are holistic

·                    Business success flows from well-designed ways of working.  Team work







 Business Process Areas:



Resource Planning
Value Analysis
Capacity Planning
Inventory Management
Cost Analysis
Change Management
Customer Analysis
Total Quality Management


 Documents to create Learning Plan:



Assessment is learning Lesson Plan outline
What is a learning outcome Worksheet assessment
Business Performance measurement  
  Project Management Overview:


...Setting a Plan

Investigate the Need & Setting a Team
Analyze the Data
Develop the Requirements & Measurements
Test & Share with Others
Implement & Monitor
End to End process:


Your job is to understand the customer even better than they understand themselves


Seven principles the design should focus on:

What tasks are performed

Wherever they should be performed and under what circumstances

When they are performed, where are they performed

Who performs them

How precisely they are performed

What information they employ


 Measurements and Quality... The Balance Scorecard:



 Tools for Process Control:


Mental Models (25 examples)

Mind-map, Flow diagram
Info-mapping example                    Manual
Process Diagram                 Process map different forms
Tools general grouping
PBL overall tools
List of tools for engineering mindset
Tools aligned with critical thinking

How do you recognize a Process Organization:

  • There is a s much allegiance to processes as to function

  •  Employees internalize process goals.

  •  Employees understand how the process is performing

  • Everyone knows customer requirements and strives to meet them.

  •  Employees help manage each other instead of escalation conflict.

  •  Processes are measured objectively – and frequently.
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