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Types of Team Building activities - a review - Purple Monster




Having an understanding of the business and work environment will help you to better choose
 your career and job preference and be able to advance in your job. 
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  Learning Targets Represent Clear, Manageable Goals
  Studying Skills Teaching model 5E
  Lesson Plan for this section  

The Future of Work Requires Non-Technical Expertise


As advanced technologies automate our world in more ubiquitous ways, we naturally assume that technical skills will be in the highest demand in the future job market. But as revealed in a recent report from the World Economic Forum (WEF), among many other studies, the rise of ever-smarter machines demands a surge in the social and emotional abilities machines cannot master. Soft skills such as adaptability, creative thinking, persuasion, relationship mastery, the ability to deal with complexity, and time management are increasingly valuable to companies as they become more dynamic, interconnected, and flexible by necessity.
However, HR professionals report difficulty recruiting candidates who have these very skills!


Team discussion Understanding what makes up a business
Business overview


Whats a company culture?

 What makes up the organization ?

Develop an Organization Chart

Discuss various organizations

Candy store, CVS, Electronics, Pharmaceutical

Processes within the company

Plans and guidelines

How do you fit in?


  What career interests you?
Career overview Careers Programme | City College Norwich


Includes the Backbone skill set

What career are you interested in? Discuss
Some of you will change careers in your life-time.   Would it effect you?
  What job do you want?
Jobs News Flash • Fulton County, OH • CivicEngage

Foundational Skills

Securing a new job discussion

Example: Working as a material handler pulling kits of material to build a product.  What do I need?  Discuss

Backbone learning
Unique foundational skills for the job
What skills for advancement to another job




NetZero-  Green Energy Technology
Home/Medical Aid




  How do you get ahead in your job?
Practice, Practice, Practice!

Participate in self-reflection.
In order to improve, you must first be honest about where your shortcomings are. This isn't always easy. If you are struggling, ask a friend or family member to help you identify your true strengths and weaknesses.
Observe others.
Look to others who exemplify the soft skills you want to improve. If you have a relationship with them, ask for their advice or coaching.

All soft skills will improve with practice. Once you have obtained training or coaching, practice using your new-found skills with friends or family before your interview. This will give you the confidence to take these skills into the workplace.



  Be a life long learner
Bit size learning thoughts
  1. Adding skills to advance in your job
  2. The Retraining Pardox

Up skilling for your job advancement:

Title Link
Adaptability Link-PDF
Relationship mastery Link-PDF
Problem solving Link-PDF



Routines For Self Reflection - THINKING PATHWAYS

Reflect on your process:  Think of your Goals, Likes & Dislikes, Your environment, People and any other item that comes to mind. Pick some associate to discuss this with.