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Problem Solving




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Following the process listed on the right side  starting with Many Design 



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Summary: Listed below are questions to think about and discuss during your process of finding lots of possible solutions for the problem you have and then sorting through them and picking the one that best fits. The team will use a brainstorming process to create lots of ideas and then use tools to converge on a few best ideas. The team will use the requirements to pick the one idea to go forward with. Our outcome should be a better understanding or the design process.




Begin the  problem solving  process



Who  is your customer?
What are the issues and or needs ?
Can we break the problem into its parts, if time or complexity is a factor?
Why is being positive, being flexible and doing your best; part of a good attitude?
How is Trust, Honesty, Curiosity, and Listening skills part of a good design process?





Tools: Review the Tools sheet to see what you can use to help

·       You can use any resource to find information ( Web, Books, People, etc.)

·       You can work together to create your thoughts

·       You need to write your thoughts as a group

·       Reflex  on your completion.  What have we learned?, Need to know more,



How to begin:

·       Discuss; Why are you doing this?, Who benefits from it?

  •   Create a planning & time line chart for the project

·       Do your best as there is no one right answer.   Its what you make of it.

·       Use your creative thinking and critical things skills during the design  

·      Use Divergent and Convergent thinking when doing each step

  • Be creative and curious doing the process

  • How are we going to measure our progress & outcomes