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Our Uniqueness



Our Program Uniqueness:

  1. 1.   The group builds its rules of engagement & culture to become a team.  The self-empowered team picks the opportunity. Treat others respectfully and as they would like to be treated – “The Platinum Rule”

  2. 2.   Shares a common approach often translated as "I am because we are," or "humanity towards others … ubuntu , (Going from an “I to a We” culture)

  3. 3.   Each of us is a teacher and mentor to our teammates.

  4. 4.   Common goals and objectives

  5. 5.   Practice & Learn like a Sports / Music team

  6. 6.   Has a clear view of who our customers are and their needs.

  7. 7.   Follow on support to the community.

Uniqueness of our approach: foster Mind-set thinking in the team. 
  Participants  are shown how to be an owner of their own business; what’s involved with their customers, suppliers and staff. Thinking like an owner allows you to interface and understand your boss/teacher and constantly improving your skills. A connection is made between ownership and creating a learning organization.
 Cultural Engineering mindset thinking (CEM):
Activities around the process that cover all the details to make it successful. Its assuring that all the team are aware of items, plans are created, deliverables are met, problems solved, and the customer is informed. An analytical approach is taken and leadership / management is exercised. 
Brain Plasticity… The brain is like a muscle … Use it or lose it.


Coach mindset:...Each team member becomes a coach to another in learning the life skills necessary to be successful in business and society.  Team members are taught what it is to be a coach.


Team mindset:... To b successful you need to work and support each other.


Brand mindset:... Who are you and how do you share it with others.