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 statement of mission or vision of the company, a statement of the core values that shape the acts and behavior of the employees.



Mission must be feasible and attainable

The mission of The Project Academy is to advance the development in spirit and mind of its students drawn from diverse cultural and social backgrounds and to inspire in them a commitment to the best self in the community, education and business world using life-skills.

To create a cultural system in our organization that supports the community and its employees.

To be a leader in learning systems around skill training.

To help make our students  successful in business, educational and societal organizations.  

Objective statement:

·       Become recognized in the training industry for a unique approach and results.

·      Create a well-run non-profit that supports the community in achieving its goals.


The purpose of Project Academy is to serve the community by successfully preparing entry level people to be productive in the work environment & society.  

 Our pre-employment program is designed to give young adults, who dropped out of school or have graduated HS and have little direction, the life skills and attitude to become part of the community. The program is designed to include the community and business partners to insure success for the individual. Needs of the young adult will be assessed; such as transportation, family commitments, legal and others to make the training possible and successful.









































  • ·       To grow our services into after-school, pre-employment and custom services for life-skill training programs.  Become a leader in getting these skills taught in our public schools within the next 3 years.  Serving the community with training entry level personal with soft-skills to be success in providing value to the business community and society.

  • ·    Create relationship with community and business organizations to be their partner in training productive people for their organizations.  To become an active organization in our states training programs within 3 years


  • ·       Make employees with a positive outlook of work with the understanding that they have control of their outcome within two months of their completion of the program

  • ·    Provide a holistic approach to supporting the success of these students, publish a documents defining the process and tools within 6 months of the start of the program.

  • ·    Build a organizational team that creates the best results for these candidates within 6 months.