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Team members help improve their community & have Fun.


























Project Proposal



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Getting an on-line group ( about 6-10) people together to discuss, plan and develop solutions to current issues.  The group will form a team, Make all the decisions in  creating a charter and culture statement to work together.  The team will pick a problem, develop solutions and report back. 

The goal of the team members are to help improve their community (Making the extended community a little better than we found it ), and the team members to grow as individuals.


We are looking for motivated people to join a self-empowered, (online) volunteer team that meets periodically (usually weekly) and provides a challenging and stimulating experience.  The objective of the program is to combine your wisdom and our tools to enhance community spirit and problem solving skills while developing innovative recommendations for solving problems.  We feel that in addition to being a learning experience, the process should also be fun. 

"Enjoy the journey"


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Membership Flyer

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