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Beginning Dialogue


Our Program:



Are you interested in having stimulating conversations with people in your community?


Would you find it rewarding to identify potential solutions to problems you care about?


Is it a priority to keep your mind active by using your experience and life skills?










Flyer:  PDF  Please review as baseline for our project.


Use My Wisdom


Have Fun




Learn new-things


something better







Our approach is to have the group become a working team, pick a problem that they want to work on to improve the community and then report the results.  As owners of your process, there are many ways to accomplish this.  Our web site offers tutorials on these areas for you to use or you can discover your own path. The important items re for you to learn, have fun, provide some benefit for the community and use your wisdom.  Lets discuss your next steps.


As the group, How do you want to do these activities?  What is your Plan?


Next steps

Details… Discuss.


Process flow items?

How are going to handle this?

 Form a team, Customer view, Problem analysis, Problem solving, Testing and Reporting. 


Picking a problem

Discussion, Society needs, Complexity. My interests,


What tools

Which to use, Incorporate in the Process Flow? 


Defining our process?



What are the key questions we need to ask?    

·       Create a set of questions around what’s next and how do we advance? What, How, Who, When, and where do we do going from here?

Use "Our Project" as the base form for generating questions using Divergent Thinking