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Work-Sheet Title Discussion
Testing your design This is the time to review your proposed solutions to see if there are any holes or admissions. Is it actionable?

Ask questions of your design and see if you can feedback changes to other sections of the design process


Bringing the solution to the end. What's next if you do not own the total process:

If your team does not own the end of the design solution, Talk to the process owner to decide what steps and information they need to complete the design. Work to make your thoughts actionable.
Create a plan that details the steps after your design. Such as;  Deliverables, Measurements, Process, Supplies, Tools,


As an example: Your problem was the poor bus service to go shopping.  You came up with some innovative solutions but you don't own the bus organization.. They need to implement the solution.  What actions does your team need to take to get this implemented?

Iterate the Design If you find that you need to update the design or make changes go back to the design phase and repeat the process.