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Background Ice-breaker Community Picking project Solving project Testing/Report

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Our Program Uniqueness:

  1. 1.   The group builds its rules of engagement & culture to become a team.  The self-empowered team picks the opportunity. Treat others respectfully and as they would like to be treated – “The Platinum Rule”

  2. 2.   Shares a common approach often translated as "I am because we are," or "humanity towards others … ubuntu , (Going from an “I to a We” culture)

  3. 3.   Each of us is a teacher and mentor to our teammates.

  4. 4.   Common goals and objectives

  5. 5.   Practice & Learn like a Sports / Music team

  6. 6.   Has a clear view of who our customers are and their needs.

  7. 7.   Follow on support to the community.

  Elder Housing members :


Sharing your wisdom!

  • Learning Tools that build on your strength

  • Ø Stimulating interaction!

  • Ø  New easy to learn skills ex “5 Whys”

  • Ø Root cause… Finding the real problem

  • Ø Get to know your teammates better

  • ENJOYABLE Activity!


Project Proposal



Elder  Members  



Getting an on-line group ( about 6-10) people together to discuss, play and develop solutions to current issues.  The group will form a team, Make all the decisions in  creating a charter and culture statement to work together.  The team will pick a problem, develop solutions and report back. 

The goal of the team members are to help improve their community (Making the extended community a little better than we found it ), and the team members to grow as individuals.


We are looking for motivated people to join a self-empowered, (online) volunteer team that meets periodically (usually weekly) and provides a challenging and stimulating experience.  The objective of the program is to combine your wisdom and our tools to enhance community spirit and problem solving skills while developing innovative recommendations for solving problems.  We feel that in addition to being a learning experience, the process should also be fun.  "Enjoy the journey"


Video Tutorial



Lets Get Started

Process Flow Below... Provide guidelines to Community members



Overview process


 Following the process listed on the right side  starting with Ice-breaker. After each step the team should do a reflection


Each step is Hot Link for addition information click on the step


These are general guidelines to help you navigate the specific step.


Your group makes its own decisions on how you navigate each step.


Think about Attitude

  •  Being Positive

  •  Being Flexible

  •  Doing your best





Follow up Survey for Feedback



Every problem is an opportunity; The bigger the  problem the bigger the opportunity.   "V. Kosla"  see YouTube video    "This is the foundation of Entrepreneurship"

 problem is nothing more than an opportunity in work clothes. A successful business person pays attention to problems, converting the problems into opportunities and deciding which  opportunities are worth pursuing. 

Thinkertoys, Michael Michalko p22






It is our  policy not to discriminate on the basis of race, gender, religion, national origin, color, homelessness, sexual orientation, gender identity, age or disability in its education programs, services, activities, or employment practices.